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2017 Macau China International Open
June 16 - 24, 2017  Avenida da Nave Desportiva, COTAI, Macau, China
Third time unlucky for Indonesia

24th June, Macau: Round 1 winner and twice runner-up, Putty Armein was denied the Women's crown when the Indonesia finished as first runner-up in the final stepladder match of the 2017 Macau China International Open on Saturday.

Armein was on a roll in the championship match trashing topseed, Radin Nur Najwa of Malaysia, 248-194 to force a sudden-death second deciding match. An open frame from the Malaysian gave the Indonesian a small lead.

Radin recovered with three strikes-in-a-row to move ahead as Armein just could not repeat the form she showed in the first match. Although her opponent had another single-pin miss in the eighth frame, she struck home to clinch her first international title, 248-194.

Armein, ousted two Koreans third-seed and 2015 champion, Lee Young Seung and first match winner, Jang Ryeon Gyeong, 221-214-213 to earn a crack at the title for the third time. Sixth-seed Jang edged fifth-seed, Nora Lyana Natasia of Malaysia and fourth-seed, Jung Ha Eun of Korea, 200-194-188 in the first match.

In the earlier Round 2 finals, the champion topped the round with 1943 to advance to the stepladder finals as topseed. Armein settled for second with 1855 after a keen tussle with the Malaysian. Lee and Jung finished third and fourth with 1845 and 1769.

Nora Lyana and Jang completed the top six stepladder final field in fifth and sixth positions with 1745 and 1725. Kim Mi Ae of Korea missed the by 41 pins in seventh position while defending champion, Novie Phang of Indonesia managed only in ninth place.

Women's Open Second runner-up, Putty Armein

Radin picked up the top prize of MOP$40,000 (approx. US$5,000) as champion. Armein, who was first runner-up in 2010 and second runner-up in 2012, settled for MOP$18,000 while Lee took home MOP$10,000 as second runner-up. Jang, Jung and Nora Lyana earned MOP$4,000, MOP$3,000 and MOP$2,000 respectively.

Meanwhile it was double joy for Malaysia when another topseed, Syafiq Ridhwan took the Men's title after defeating challenger, Baek Jong Yun of Korea, 251-215 in the championship match.

Baek had earned the right to challenge Syafiq after he easily dispatched third-seed, Michael Mak of Hong Kong and winner of the first match, Zoe Dias Ma of Macau, 279-192-224 in the semi. Dias Ma eliminated two Malaysian lefties, Alex Liew and newly-crowned Singapore Open champion, Rafiq Ismail, 258-238-225 in the first match.

Syafiq pocketed the top prize MOP$70,000 (approx. US$8,500) as champion with Baek settling for MOP$30,000 as first runner-up. Dias Ma earned MOP$15,000 as second runner-up as Mak, Liew and Rafiq took home MOP$6,000, MOP$5,000 and MOP$4,000 respectively.

Baek finished second in Round 2 with 1933, just eight pins behind Syafiq. Mak claimed third spot with 1907, Liew fourth with 1893, Rafiq with 1879 and Dias Ma 1873. Liew rolled the seventh perfecto in the opening game of Round 2.

2017 champions, Syafiq Ridhwan and Radin Nur Najwa

The top 16 Asian men and top 16 Asian women from the preceeding stepladder finals and Round 2 finals qualified for the 2017 ABF Tour Macau Leg which will be staged at the same bowling Centre tomorrow.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Macau, China.

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